1688 Wholesale Goods – How to Save on Shipping Costs in China

Shipping Fees

Do you want to save on your shipping costs?In the vast e-commerce landscape, 1688.com is an important platform for sourcing wholesale goods directly from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. With its wide product range and competitive pricing, 1688 has become the preferred destination for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to sell quality merchandise on their shelves at affordable prices.

Although you can get products for you at a lower price than other platforms on 1688.com, their shipping locations are all in China. Therefore, some additional shipping costs may apply. In this article, we’ll tell you about several strategies to save on shipping costs.

Understand shipping costs

Before delving into cost-saving strategies, it’s necessary to understand the factors that impact shipping costs. Shipping costs are often determined by several variables, including package weight, size, shipping method, and destination country. In addition, other factors such as duties, taxes, and fees may also affect the overall cost of shipping goods from China.

Ways to save on shipping costs

Optimize packaging weight and size

Product size and weight are factors in shipping charges. Minimizing packaging and utilizing space can help you save a lot of transportation costs. Use LCL transportation to mix your goods with other goods. Unlike FCL transportation, LCL transportation does not need to pay for the entire carriage. He pays according to the proportion of the area occupied by your goods. Consider lightweight packaging materials that provide adequate protection without adding unnecessary bulk to your shipment.

Consider different shipping methods

Choosing the right shipping method can have a significant impact on overall shipping costs. International transportation includes a variety of transportation modes, including sea transportation, air transportation, railway transportation and multimodal transportation.

  • Air freight: Air freight is the most expensive and fastest, they only take 3-10 days to arrive. Suitable for some items with high unit price and light weight, such as electronic products. It is also suitable for some situations where transportation time is tight.
  • Sea transportation: Sea transportation is the most widely used method of transportation. They are cheaper than air freight and can carry more quantities than air freight, but the transit time is longer. Suitable for situations where there are a lot of goods and plenty of time.
  • Rail transport: Rail transport is the cheapest of all modes of transport, but they are only available to countries on the same continent.
  • Multimodal transportation: Multimodal transportation refers to the combination of two or three modes of transportation, such as rail transportation and sea transportation midway. This can also save shipping costs in many cases.


Work with freight forwarders

Working with a freight forwarder is the simplest and most convenient option. You just need to tell your needs and they will work out the most economical shipping method for you. Choose a freight forwarder in China. Many suppliers on 1688 are willing to negotiate shipping terms, especially for large quantities of orders. Choosing a freight forwarder in China can communicate with your suppliers, and there is a high chance that they can get it for you at a lower price. Get the goods at the best price.

When working with TWINSWIN, we will negotiate with suppliers to obtain the lowest price for you, and we can also plan the optimal transportation route and the cheapest transportation method for you.

Stay informed about customs regulations and tariffs

When importing goods from China, it is crucial to understand customs regulations and import duties. Familiarize yourself with your destination country’s customs requirements and duties to avoid unexpected fees and delays.

Working with TWINSWIN, we will handle all shipping transactions, product arrangements and customs clearance.


There are many things you can do to reduce your shipping costs on 1688.

TWINSWIN is a freight forwarding company that can help you meet your 1688 shipping cost needs. We have extensive experience in international trade transportation.

Shipping costs

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