how to buy from 1688

how to buy from 1688

First of all, you must understand what 1688 does.

This is Jack Ma’s first B2B e-commerce platform, the predecessor of Alibaba, and it can now be said to be the flagship business of Alibaba Group.

Mainly focusing on wholesale and procurement business, it has covered 16 major industry categories such as raw materials, industrial products, clothing and apparel, home furnishings, and small commodities.

Basically, all commonly used categories can be found on 1688.

Many Taobao sellers in the early days made their first pot of gold by reselling 1688 supplies! The purchase price on 1688 is usually cheaper than Alibaba and cheaper than AliExpress. Therefore, when we ordinary consumers buy things at 1688, it is equivalent to directly cutting out the middleman’s price difference.

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The difference between 1688 and Taobao

Both are e-commerce platforms affiliated with Alibaba Group. Except for their similar website interfaces, 1688 and Taobao are completely different in other aspects. The following are the main differences between the two:

1688 purchase process

The following is the purchase process at

1. Register 1688 personal account

If you are a Taobao member, you can log in directly with your account. The one on the left is a personal account. Click on the right to register as a business account. Personal accounts can only be used for purchases, while business accounts can become sellers.

Register 1688 personal account

2.Preparation before purchasing:

Perform personal real-name authentication and bind Alipay (Mainland version).

1688 real-name authentication

how to order from 1688

f you do not purchase from through an agent, you must learn how to complete the entire purchase process on 1688. Even if you only select products through 1688, knowing how to purchase correctly will be helpful to you:

1.Search for products

Use the search bar or browse categories to find the product you want to buy.

After you find the product you want, filter out reputable sellers based on factors such as business model and age.

Pay attention to the minimum quantity of the product, which is usually at least 3 pieces. The higher the quantity purchased (e.g. ≥ 50 pieces), the lower the price.

1688 business model and number of years

2.1688 You need to pay attention to the following three points when choosing a store:

①Icon certification

Those with the “Integrity” mark represent a certain level of strength. The longer the time behind, the better; those with the “Nuutou” mark represent very high quality and are high-quality suppliers selected by Alibaba.

The bull head logo is a certified merchant on the 1688 platform. Merchants with the bull’s head logo have to pay a deposit of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan every year, and the bull’s head logo takes several years to appear, not just by paying money.

②Check the introduction

the business model is “distribution and wholesale”, that is, dealers.

③Click in and take a look

Click in and take a look. The factory will have the words “source factory” on it.

. Now that we have found a factory, how do we judge the quality of its products?

. Looking at the return rate, it is best to have a return rate of more than 30%, and generally more than 10% is not bad.

. Look at the number of transactions in the past 30 days, the more the better!


Select the specifications and number of pieces and add them to the “Purchase Order” (i.e. shopping cart). If necessary, you can contact customer service and discuss order details directly with the seller.

Contact 1688 customer service

4.Submit Order

Check the order content in “My Purchase Order” and click “Settlement” to pay.

Confirm the order information (shipping address, purchase quantity, transaction delivery method, etc.) before payment, and then click “Submit Order”.

1688 Submit Order

5. Order payment

Enter the Alipay checkout to pay. You can choose Alipay, credit card, bank transfer, etc.

Complete the payment and wait for the seller to ship the goods and provide shipping information.

1688 Order payment

Once your order ships, please track your package using the tracking number provided. If you encounter any problems or questions during this process, please speak to the supplier for assistance.

After receiving the goods and inspecting them and feeling satisfied, you can click “Confirm receipt” and enter the payment password to complete the transaction. If you use Alipay to guarantee the transaction, the transaction will be completed by default 10 days after the seller delivers the goods.

how to buy from 1688 without agent

According to the above process, the 1688 process from registration to purchase is not complicated. Similarly, it is not difficult to find in the process that this poses a certain test for foreign buyers who do not have a 1688 agent.

Throughout the process, the difficulties you need to overcome include:

1.Language barrier

1688 can be translated into English on the browser, but the text and videos on the pictures and keyword searches must be in Chinese. At the communication stage when choosing a product, you need to communicate in detail and even bargain with the seller. Language issues may cause you to bear more costs and risks.

2.Cultural differences.

we hope to connect with manufacturers to bring us more benefits, but manufacturers often focus on products and production and do not understand the markets and cultures of various countries, which will make the entire negotiation very complicated. Difficulty, which undoubtedly increases a lot of communication costs and time costs

3.The complexity of international shipping

1688’s transportation only supports domestic China. If you do not have a harvesting address in China, your transportation must go through a third-party agency. Others include customs clearance procedures that you may need to complete depending on the regulations of your country. It is recommended to research and understand import requirements and potential taxes or duties before purchasing.

Secondly, there is the issue of payment. 1688 settles in RMB. Nowadays, more and more foreign buyers are paying attention to 1688. One of the reasons is the contribution of 1688 agents. They can easily solve these problems. Some professional 1688 agents can even help you solve problems you have not thought of. The service fees are also very transparent. . If you cannot solve the above problem. Click and let us help you figure it out.

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