How to Find Wholesalers From the 1688 Platform

Will you choose to wholesale goods on 1688? Compared with Alibaba, the price difficulty on this platform will be lower, but if you do not understand Chinese, it is also a huge challenge to find wholesalers to wholesale goods from 1688. Next, let’s explore the problems you may encounter and how to solve them.

How to search for products on 1688

We all know that Chinese is mainly used on 1688, so we need to change the web page to Chinese first. Then search for the product we want.

It is possible to search for products in English, but searching in Chinese will give you more choices. Therefore, when searching, we can first use Google Translate to translate the product name into Chinese, and then copy it into the search box to search.

In addition, 1688 can also be searched by image, which is usually next to the search box. You can click on the arrow position on the picture to upload the product picture you want. It will give you the product list of the platform. But this function is sometimes inaccurate. For example, if you upload a picture of an oven, it may pop up several microwave ovens. After all, they look similar, so please be careful to identify them.

What should you consider when choosing a wholesaler at 1688?

There are countless Chinese wholesalers on 1688. How to choose a reliable one among the many wholesalers? You should consider the following key factors to ensure you make an informed decision:

  1. Wholesaler’s age of existence: Under normal circumstances, we will not choose a newly established company as a partner, as this would be a bit risky. Their production may not be mature yet, so choose to cooperate with wholesalers that have been established for more than 3 years. They are often more experienced.
  2. Wholesaler’s Reputation and Feedback: Look for suppliers with a good reputation and good feedback from other buyers. Check their ratings and reviews to learn about their reliability and product quality.

How do I check a wholesaler’s rating? Click on the wholesaler at the arrow position in the picture. Generally, we choose wholesalers with 4 stars or above to cooperate with.


How to communicate with wholesalers

Click the small blue icon on the picture to initiate a conversation with the merchant. Merchants on 1688 usually use Chinese. You can ask in advance whether you can speak in English or use a translator. When communicating, we can state the requirements and conditions straight to the point.

Communication content
When communicating with merchants, be sure to confirm the following points:

  1. Product quality: This is perhaps the most important, no one wants to receive inferior products. You can request samples or inquire about the materials used, manufacturing processes and quality control measures.
  2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Determine whether your supplier’s MOQ meets your business needs. Some suppliers may require larger minimum order quantities than others, so finding one that can meet your requirements is crucial.
  3. Delivery time and delivery options: Ask the supplier for production and delivery lead time. Make sure their turnaround times fit your schedule and offer reliable shipping options that fit your needs.
  4. Payment terms and methods: Clarify the payment terms and methods accepted by the supplier. Understand any deposit requirements, payment schedules and payment security measures to avoid potential risks.
  5. Legal Compliance and Certification: Verify that suppliers comply with relevant laws and regulations, especially regarding product safety, labeling and intellectual property. Ask about any certifications or licenses they have.
  6. After-sales support: Evaluate the supplier’s policies regarding returns, exchanges, and warranties. A reputable supplier should stand behind their products and provide support if any issues arise.


Find an agent

If you feel that the above content is a bit difficult for you, then you can find a reliable agent in China. They can all communicate with you fluently in English and then convey your ideas to the suppliers. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the business.

Need an agent from China? Click to contact us and we will serve you throughout the process.

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