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If you are looking for ways to import goods from China, is your best choice. is a treasure trove of wholesale products from China, connecting buyers with a wide range of products from Chinese suppliers. For foreign buyers, wholesale goods on is full of pros and cons, let’s take a look.

The pros and cons of using for foreign buyers


  • Provide lower prices: Many suppliers on are manufacturers or factories, and their products are usually cheaper at the source of product production.
  • Rich products: is full of suppliers of various commodities, from daily necessities to factory raw materials, almost everything you want to buy can be found here.
  • Low minimum order quantity: Compared with Alibaba, the minimum order quantity of many products on is relatively low, which is suitable for businesses that are just starting to start a business or sellers who only want to purchase a small amount.


  • Language barrier: The main language of is Chinese, and most of their suppliers do not speak English, which is a big problem for foreign buyers.
  • Payment methods: Suppliers on the platform only accept payment via Alipay, a Chinese payment platform, which makes it difficult for foreign buyers to use.
  • Shipping: If you want to ship items purchased from back to your home country, you will need to plan the shipping yourself. The platform does not support international shipping. You can choose twinswin freight forwarder to solve your transportation problems.

How to translate English on

For foreign buyers who do not understand the language, the most important problem in wholesale products on is to accept the language. Now, come with us to learn how to translate the language on 1688 into English to facilitate your purchase.

Browser extensions

Use or download the Google Chrome web browser and install the Google Translate Chrome extension. Navigate to, and the system will automatically pop up a message asking you whether to translate the web page into English. If you do not see the pop-up window, you can also right-click and search for “Translate to English” to translate. They can help you translate all the words and sentences in the web page into English for your viewing convenience.

Find the products you need on

There are two ways to find products

1. Upload pictures
This is the fastest method if you have a picture of the item you want. Click the camera icon on the far right of the search box, you can choose your picture to upload, and they will find products for you based on the picture you uploaded.

However, this method may be somewhat inaccurate. For example, if you upload a picture of an oven, they may recommend a microwave oven to you. Their appearance is somewhat similar. This is inevitable, so please pay attention to distinguish them.

2. Keyword search
You can also enter the product you want in the search bar to search. You may enter English at first, but what I want to tell you is that if you enter Chinese, you will get many more supplier results than if you enter English. You can use translation software to translate the product you want into Chinese and then copy it into the search box to search.

Select a supplier

Compare the products you searched for, price, size, etc. and select the product you want. Note that most of the time, listings (mainly prices) are not accurate. Suppliers choose to lower their product prices in order to attract more buyers. So you need to ask more suppliers or let 1688 purchasing agent check it for you.

Contact suppliers to negotiate

The vast majority of suppliers want to speak in Chinese, so you can find a 1688 purchasing agent to negotiate for you. Usually they can get a lower purchase price by negotiating with suppliers. You only need to tell the agent your requirements.

Confirm the order and payment

After confirming the details of the product, you can place an order for purchase. 1688 only supports payment through Chinese payment platforms, so if you have a purchasing agent, the purchasing agent can pay on your behalf. If not, you will be required to perform payment operations outside of 1688.

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