How to pack goods for international shipping?


What should I consider when packing goods ?

1. Packaging materials
First, consider choosing the packaging materials that are most suitable for your goods. Generally, they need to be durable. Next consider using strong, high-tack tape to prevent them from opening during shipping. Finally, consider adding other protective materials such as bubble wrap, foam padding, etc. to prevent damage. Because goods usually experience large bumps during transportation, the goods may be damaged due to multiple impacts, especially fragile products.

Packaging material reference:

(1)corrugated cardboard box
Corrugated cardboard boxes are the main product for international transportation packaging. They stand out for their cheaper price and lighter size. They come in many sizes and strengths and can be customized to accommodate a variety of different types of merchandise. It also has strong impact resistance and can protect your goods during complex international transportation.

(2)wooden box
Wooden boxes are also a very strong packaging material, which makes them more suitable for many heavy-duty products. And it can be transported more conveniently using a forklift. But at the same time, wooden box packaging needs to comply with international phytosanitary standards to prevent the spread of pests and diseases, and wooden boxes are prone to moisture during transportation.

(3)plastic container
Plastic is also a choice for protecting goods during long-distance transportation in international trade due to its durability, lightness and moisture-proof properties. They also come in a variety of sizes and styles, including collapsible crates and sealed containers, providing flexibility for different types of cargo. The main thing is that plastic packaging can be reused and recycled, which contributes to the sustainable development of the supply chain.

Huge piles of crates for distribution of bottles.

2. Check the goods carefully before packaging
Before packing begins, please double check that your goods are in good condition. Secondly, if the goods are too large, the packaging can be disassembled for easier transportation and packaging. Not only is larger items easier to pack when disassembled, it’s also easier to prevent them from getting damaged

3. Arrange the goods carefully
Distribute the weight evenly within each package, which is conducive to the balance of internal forces and prevents the product from breaking or toppling. You can place heavy items at the bottom and light items on top to maintain stability. Use partitions and foam to separate items, especially fragile items.

4. Label
Label each package with product information so staff can handle it with ease. In particular, fragile items should be labeled with an eye-catching “Fragile” label to remind everyone who will encounter it.

Some additional packaging suggestions

  1. Bubble packaging and foam filling: Bubble packaging is indispensable to protect fragile products from impacts on the way. They can provide a protective layer around the cargo, effectively reducing the impact of impact.
  2. Binding materials: For some heavy or oversized items, strong binding materials need to be used to reinforce them. Prevent them from collapsing during handling or transportation.
  3. Moisture-proof materials: For some goods that are particularly afraid of moisture and water, moisture-proof materials are necessary. We can solve this problem by using shrink wrap or moisture-resistant coatings, which form a protective barrier around the goods to prevent damage caused by moisture absorption or water penetration.


There are so many packaging suggestions, I hope you can learn from them and find the most suitable packaging for your goods. Be prepared for the rigors of international shipping.
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