How to Simplify International Shipping in China?

In today’s complex international trade situation, China is a vast and challenging market. Chinese goods have won the favor of many companies from other countries because of their low prices, providing them with many ways to achieve higher profits. Yet for many businesses that import goods from China, the complexities of international shipping present a daunting challenge.
In fact, as long as the company has careful planning and the right strategy, this may not be a difficult task. In this article, we will explore in detail how to simplify international shipping in China. Help companies better transport goods from China.
International Shipping

Some tips for simplifying international shipping

1.In-depth understanding
Before carrying out international transportation, we should have an in-depth understanding of the basic situation of China’s logistics, transportation steps, required documents, etc.

2.Prepare required documents
International shipping in China requires a variety of documents, including invoices, packing lists, export declarations, etc. Ensuring that documentation is accurate and complete is important to the shipping process. If one item is forgotten or the data is inaccurate, this may cause delays in shipping and incur additional costs.

3.Correct packaging and labeling
Proper packaging and labeling are vital to ensuring the safety of goods in international transport. Companies should standardize the packaging of goods to protect goods from damage. When choosing packaging, you need to take into account any conditions your goods will encounter during transportation. Such as moisture, tilt and collapse, etc. In addition, the labels of the goods should clearly express various relevant information such as product description, quantity, size, etc.

4.Choose the appropriate transportation method
Sea transportation is currently the most common mode of transportation in international transportation. Especially for large-scale cargo, sea transportation is a very cost-effective mode of transportation.
Cost effective for high volume, large items and long distance shipping
Various container options are available such as FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load).
Ocean shipping takes longer
Vulnerable to weather effects and port delays

(2)Air transport
Air freight has become the first choice for companies that want to get goods quickly and some high-value goods.
Shipping time is fast, usually delivered within a few days
Provide reliable scheduling and tracking capabilities
Transportation costs are high, and ocean shipping often requires higher prices
Limited capacity, usually not suitable for bulky items

(3)Land transportation
Land transportation is divided into rail freight and road freight. Compared with sea and air freight, it provides a balance in terms of cost and speed.
Cost-effective overland transport over long distances
Suitable for transporting large or heavy cargo.
Provides reliable scheduling and tracking capabilities.
Shipping area is limited

(4)Multimodal transport
Multimodal transport is a combination of two or more modes of transport. It provides flexibility for transport. You can freely choose different transport means for different journeys. At the same time, it requires coordinating with multiple shipping providers, which can be complicated.

5. Leverage technology and automation

Businesses can implement digital solutions to streamline processes, such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which facilitates seamless communication and data exchange among trading partners. In this workflow, you can reduce some paperwork, eliminate possible errors caused by manual filling, and speed up order processing and customs clearance processes.

6. Find a freight forwarder

If you feel that the process of international shipping is too cumbersome, then there is one of the easiest ways to help you solve these problems, and that is to find a good freight forwarder. They are experts in these processes and have many years of experience with customs regulations, shipping routes, shipping methods and documentation requirements. With their help, you can minimize the worries of international shipping.


Streamlining international shipping in China requires a strategic approach that addresses the market’s unique challenges and opportunities. Through the above understanding, companies can minimize costs and improve efficiency in international transportation. These can enable enterprises to achieve higher economic returns.

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