what is 1688?

what is 1688

This is a basic guide about 1688. This article will help you understand what 1688.com is.

what is 1688

In the dynamic world of online commerce, 1688.com has long become a powerful driving force for local Chinese companies to seek efficient trade solutions. Owned by Alibaba Group, this B2B platform has gained huge traction in China and can be a valuable resource for local and international business enterprises. Its original purpose is to give Chinese manufacturers a platform to display and to give e-commerce companies and trading companies the opportunity to find suitable sources of goods. Then, as the advantages presented by 1688 became more and more obvious, more and more global buyers outside China began to pay attention to the 1688 platform.

Why choose 1688?

1.Competitive Prices

1688.com has hundreds of thousands of real Chinese factories, and the price of first-hand supply makes 1688’s most obvious advantage is its reputation for providing competitive prices. Foreign buyers can directly contact manufacturers and wholesalers, eliminating middlemen and reducing costs. Compared with previous procurement channels, every time you save an intermediate link, you can gain at least 30% more profit margins. This allows them to source products at better prices compared to traditional sourcing channels.

1688 cheap products

2.Wide product selection

Currently, 1688.com has covered 12 major industry categories such as raw materials, industrial products, clothing, home furnishings, and small commodities, providing a series of supply products and services from raw materials to production to processing to spot goods. Services. Such a wide range of options enables foreign buyers to source a variety of goods, machinery and raw materials to meet their specific needs and requirements. 1688 stated in the supplier area news: On September 4, 2023, 230,000 buyers placed 2.52 million orders on 1688 in a single day, and the total online transaction volume exceeded 4.19 billion, setting a global transaction record in the B2B industry.

1688 industry categories

3.Direct communication with suppliers

Unlike other platforms where communication may be restricted or intermediary, 1688.com facilitates direct communication between buyers and suppliers. This open line of communication allows for clearer specifications, customization options and negotiated terms, ultimately helping buyers get the best deal and minimizing misunderstandings.

4.Supplier verification system

1688.com attaches great importance to ensuring the authenticity and reliability of its suppliers. The platform implements a strong verification system that helps mitigate potential risks associated with scams or counterfeit products. This verification process enhances the trust of foreign buyers and encourages them to conduct transactions with confidence.

5.Cost-effective transportation and logistics

1688.com has established strong partnerships with transportation and logistics companies to simplify the purchasing process for buyers. These partnerships enable efficient and cost-effective domestic and international cargo transportation, ensuring timely delivery and reducing logistical complexity.

6.Local market insights and trends

Made in China is very quick to capture news about global hot-selling products, and these products will be quickly displayed in 1,688 categories. By using 1688.com, foreign buyers can gain valuable insights into China’s local market and emerging trends. Understanding the dynamics of local and even global markets can help them make informed purchasing decisions, identify new product opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

To sum up, the advantages of 1688.com for foreign buyers are competitive prices, wide product selection, direct communication with suppliers, strong verification system, cost-effective transportation and logistics, and knowledge of the local market. Insight. These factors make it a very attractive platform for both Chinese and foreigners who want to source goods from China efficiently, effectively and cost-effectively.

How to find quality suppliers in 1688?

1.Confirm whether it is a factory or a trader

Generally speaking, we definitely like to find factories, because factories produce directly, the production cycle and quality control are directly in place, and sometimes the prices are better. But sometimes we can’t find a factory, or after finding a factory we find that the order quantity is too large, so we have to try our best to find high-quality and powerful traders. It’s not entirely bad to find a trading company. Some trading companies are proficient in foreign trade and can well understand the needs of cross-border e-commerce. Moreover, traders require relatively small minimum quantities, so they can purchase flexibly. If you ask the 1688 seller directly, he will tell you that it is a factory and it is difficult to distinguish.

So how to distinguish:

Method 1:Look at the product supply of the entire store.

If the product supply categories are small and concentrated in one category, it is usually a factory or a trading company supported by a factory. Because it is very troublesome to open molds for products, it is impossible for factories to open so many molds. A trading company supplies a wide variety of products across categories. It obtains goods from different factories, and its product coverage can be very wide.

Method 2:On-the-spot investigation

Find a 1688 seller in the same city or nearby, and then visit the site. If the factory will welcome the inspection, the traders will shirk it. (If you are abroad, try to find a reliable 1688 purchasing agent in China. He can help you solve many problems, and this is just one of them)

Method 3:Regional differences

The probability of being a trader in first-tier cities is very high. Because land prices are high, there is no land to build factories. There is a high probability of being a trader who earns a profit at low cost. Some suppliers are in more remote places, and the probability of having factories is higher. Another situation is that this area is an industrial zone, such as Yangjiang, the hardware industry zone, which is most likely a company that combines industry and trade. Sometimes even a trading company can get better-priced goods from the factory. There is also a price advantage in placing it on 1688, so there is no need to ask the factory, because it is not easy for you to conduct on-site inspections when getting goods in small batches. Regardless, this requires some experience and understanding of the supply chain. The 1688 agents mentioned above can often help you solve this problem.

2.How to choose suppliers

  • Search for product keywords on 1688

We use “women’s bags” as an example to search.

1688 keyword search
  • Determine the style of your target product.

Why determine your own style. This is because the appearance designs of products under the same keyword will be different. During the product selection process, we will not only compete on the same product keywords, but also compete on products of the same appearance or type. The various styles under the same core keyword are different. In addition to searching for products with the same product keyword, customers will also choose from different styles of products. Of course, if the difference between styles is very small, there is no need to separate styles. Sometimes, we need to have a concept of differentiated competition and micro-innovation. The sales volume of old products is already very good, so we start from new products with relatively low competition. If possible, try to make micro innovations in the style to highlight the differences from others. Of course, the cost will increase a lot, so there is no need to consider it.

1688 product selection
  • he third step is to click “Transaction Volume” to sort.

Suppliers with large turnover generally have relatively strong supply capabilities and the quality of their products should be acceptable (pay attention to eliminating fraud factors). Suppliers with relatively small turnover will generally not be considered unless you have made an on-site inspection to confirm. Checking the transaction volume also has another function. It can be verified by comparing it with Amazon sales ranking data to see what the market capacity is? If the sales volume of 1688 Qianliang is super large, generally the Amazon product market is very large, but the competition may be fierce, the market is formed, and the possibility of the Red Ocean market is relatively high. If the sales volume of 1688 Qianliang is relatively large, generally the Amazon product market is very large, but the competition may become fierce. The market has taken shape to a certain extent, but there are still opportunities, and the blue ocean is reddish. If the sales volume of 1688 is medium, and the general Amazon product market is medium, if it is evaluated based on Google Trends and the rising speed of Amazon sales rankings, it is a rising market, and that product is currently a blue ocean market, and it is worth doing. If the sales volume of 1688.com is very small, and the general Amazon product market is also very small, this market may be a niche market or an unpopular market. This needs to be carefully evaluated to determine whether it is worth doing. If the assessment is in line with the market trend, you can try to grab a spot first. If you assess that the market trend is not going to be good or is not certain, then don’t do it.

1688 Sort by turnover
  • The fourth step is to look at the repurchase rate.

The repurchase rate refers to the proportion of buyers who return the order again after selling the first batch of goods. A high repurchase rate indicates that the product’s sales market is not bad, and traders can repurchase after selling out the previous goods. A low repurchase rate means that the market is average and traders do not come to repurchase; or the supplier is not good and the products produced are not selling well, or traders do not recognize this supplier and switch to other suppliers. Select three or four suppliers with high repurchase rates.

1688 repurchase rate
  • The fifth step is to read negative reviews.

This is different from Taobao. Amazon retail customers will be urged to leave reviews, but as a B-end customer, they are not willing to leave reviews. If the product quality is very good or the sales are good, it will be easy for my peers to find out if I leave a good review. It’s easy to create competitors; but you don’t go out of your way to leave bad reviews, and you also want to cooperate friendly with suppliers. However, if the quality and service of this supplier are not good, the cooperation will be unpleasant, and customers will choose to leave negative reviews if they cannot bear it. Therefore, we usually only look to see if there are any negative reviews and what the content of the negative reviews is. As shown in the picture, click to select “One Star and Two Stars”. If the order volume is large but there are no negative reviews, that’s good. If the order volume is large and there are many negative reviews, you need to pay attention. If there are bad reviews on quality or service, try not to choose this supplier. If the order quantity is small and there are negative reviews, you should also pay attention to it. If there are bad reviews on quality or service, try not to choose this supplier.

1688 positive reviews
  • Step six, communicate.

After identifying the three target suppliers, start a AliTM (1688 comes with its own instant chat tool) and ask about their product details, supply time, price range, patent infringement, etc. If the response is not timely, it may be a small factory, and customer service is handled by people from other positions in the factory. The response is very timely. It may be a trading company with dedicated customer service personnel, or a powerful factory that can find someone to serve as customer service. See if you are patient and meticulous. If you are patient and meticulous, your internal processes and personal responsibility will be good, and subsequent supply will be guaranteed. If the customer service is extremely impatient, it will be difficult to ensure the smooth supply of subsequent bulk goods. Look at how many customer service numbers there are. If there are many customer service numbers and they are operating normally, it means that the supplier is relatively strong. Of course, it doesn’t mean that if you have less customer service, you don’t have enough strength. If there are few customer service numbers and there is no response for a long time, then this supplier should pay special attention to it. Based on the content provided by the three Want Want suppliers, conduct mutual comparison and confirmation. Even using one family’s conditions to test the other family’s reaction.


Questions and answers about 1688

  • Does 1688 have buyer protection service?

    1688.com has multiple failsafes built into the system to limit scammers and protect customers.
    Sellers who violate the rules will be subject to sanctions and account suspension. Those who are sufficiently sanctioned will be completely banned from the platform.

  • How to prevent being cheated when purchasing at 1688?

    Pay attention to the unusually low prices of branded products
    Look for verified sellers with a blue check mark
    Get samples
    Never make payments to individuals or personal accounts
    Please do not use Western Union or MoneyGram. Use Alipay
    Don’t pay up front
    Be aware of inflation on pro forma invoices
    Make sure you have Trade Assurance when using a new merchant

  • How to change 1688.com to English?

    1688 English version

    Google’s Chrome browser has a built-in translation function, which is very easy to use.
    Note: Chrome’s translator is a machine, not a human. Most text will probably be translated correctly, but there is always the possibility of translation errors. You can solve this problem by using synonyms and related words before searching a second time.
    And 1688.com is a Chinese platform for domestic users. This means that the website is in Chinese and you need to be in Chinese to search successfully.

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