What is the 1688 Website? Everything You Need to Know

What is the 1688 website?

1688.com is the Chinese wholesale market under Alibaba Group. In the fiercely competitive e-commerce field, 1688.com stands out and becomes the gateway to the world of China’s wholesale trade. With its wide range of products at competitive prices, it has become the most popular platform for purchasing products in China.

Is the 1688 website only in Chinese?

Although 1688.com mainly targets the Chinese market, they have not turned away overseas buyers. The main language of 1688.com is Chinese, but there are still tools and browser extensions that can help translate the website content into other languages, such as English. At the same time, 1688.com also provides English translations of key elements such as product lists, categories and certain aspects of the user interface.

If you want to wholesale goods on the 1688 website but do not understand Chinese, in addition to using tools, you can also hire a purchasing agent to serve you. They have rich purchasing experience and are proficient in Chinese and English. They can be the bridge between you and 1688.


Advantages of using the 1688.com website

  • Variety of products: 1688 offers a large range of products in various categories, providing buyers with a wide selection of goods from numerous suppliers and manufacturers in China. You can find any product you want to buy on the platform
  • Cheap prices: One of the advantages of 1688.com is its low prices, as the platform has direct access to manufacturers and wholesalers, allowing buyers to find products at lower prices than in the retail market.
  • Direct communication with suppliers: Buyers can communicate directly with product suppliers on the platform, including prices, product specifications, sizes and other issues, which improves transparency between merchants and buyers and makes transactions more pleasant.

Disadvantages of 1688 website

  • Language: Although the 1688 website provides partial English translation, and you can use tools to translate, language is still a big barrier. The use of tools may not provide very accurate translations at certain times, and may also lead to misunderstandings or failures in communication.
  • Quality Control: There are many product suppliers on 1688.com. Not all of them are of good quality, and asking for samples is key before making a large purchase.
  • Shipping: The cost of shipping items from China can be a bit high, and ocean shipping can also take longer.
  • Payment methods: 1688.com primarily uses the Chinese payment platform Alipay, which may be difficult for international buyers to use.

Overall, purchasing goods from 1688.com is still a worthwhile choice. Understanding and studying the characteristics of the website before making a purchase will help you make a better purchase.

An additional tip for using the 1688.com website

If it is your first time to purchase from 1688.com, or you are not familiar with the 1688 website and do not understand Chinese, then it is best to hire a purchasing agent in China to help you solve the problems you may encounter. 1688 Procurement Agents can help you find reliable suppliers, negotiate prices, and handle the logistics of shipping your products from China. And it will be easier for them to negotiate with suppliers to get the goods at the lowest price.

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