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Most amazon , alibaba suppliers bought goods from 1688 because they are really much cheaper than the market. And most items are in stock so MOQ is quite small.

There are clothes, jewelry ,bag, shoes, cosmetics,sport items, toy, household products ,hardware, artificlal flower, electrical productsitems, stationery ,light, home textile etc on 168B.Many items are much cheaper than the market .

Suppliers update designs quite often .So you can buy goods in fashion .

You can find almost all popular goods here .

It is easy to find products with certificate like CE ,ROSH etc and factories with BSCI ,ISO.

The money is very safe because it will be kept in No.3 part’s account first. The payment will be released to suppliers after we get goods . So it will protect customer’s money until the order is completed fair.

what is 1688

1688 (1688.com) is an e-commerce platform under Alibaba, which mainly provides procurement services for overseas buyers. There are millions of suppliers on the platform, covering a variety of products and industries, including clothing, electronics, household goods, machinery and equipment, and more.

The feature of 1688 is that it can directly communicate and communicate with suppliers. Buyers can search and screen suppliers and products that suit their needs on the platform, and negotiate prices and delivery terms. In addition, the platform also provides a complete transaction guarantee system, including payment guarantee, quality inspection and logistics services, to ensure the safety and convenience of buyers’ procurement.

One of the advantages of using the 1688 is the lower price. Due to the numerous suppliers and fierce competition, buyers can choose the most favorable supplier by comparing the quotations of different suppliers.

Another advantage is the wide variety of products. Almost any type of product can be found on 1688 Sourcing Services, from daily necessities to industrial equipment. Buyers can find suitable suppliers and products on the platform according to their needs.

Although 1688 has unparalleled advantages, it is a Chinese local procurement platform after all, and there are some challenges in using 1688 procurement services. First, language and cultural differences can cause communication problems. Buyers need to communicate effectively with suppliers to understand product details and delivery terms. Second, quality control is also an important issue. Buyers need to carefully select suppliers and conduct quality inspections to ensure that products meet their requirements. There are some other issues as well, so the perfect solution is to have an experienced professional in China helping the agent with these issues.

Why 1688 agent

1688 Proxy Procurement Service is a platform in China that provides a range of services to assist businesses with their procurement needs. The service classification provided by 1688 agent can be divided into the following categories:

Purchasing assistance:

Help companies find and purchase products from manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers on the 1688 platform. This includes searching for specific products, comparing prices and qualities, and making recommendations.

Supplier verification:

1688 proxy procurement verifies the credibility and legitimacy of suppliers. They conduct background checks, assess vendor reputations, and review legal documents to ensure they meet required standards.

Price negotiation:

They negotiate prices with suppliers on behalf of clients to obtain the most competitive prices and favorable terms.

Quality Control:

This service involves ensuring the quality of the product prior to dispatch or delivery. 1688 Agent Sourcing can arrange for quality control inspections to ensure product quality.

Customization Services:

They assist in custom product development and provide Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services, which allow businesses to customize products to their specifications.

Logistics and transportation:

1688 agent procurement assists in meeting logistics and transportation needs. This includes arranging shipments, coordinating customs clearance processes, and managing documentation for importing goods from China to other countries.

Translation and interpretation:

provide language support in the process of communication, negotiation and meeting between 1688 platform and suppliers.

Other customized services

We offer some of the best branding and customized packaging services to meet different customer needs.






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Provide language support in the process of communication and negotiation with suppliers on the 1688 platform

Brand promotion

Building your logo and brand is a promise of quality to consumers

Customized packaging

Customized boxes according to your design and requirements


Bundle products together into boxes according to your requirements

Quality control

We carefully check all your products according to your requirements before shipping


Label your products and packaging with barcodes


30 days of free storage for your multiple items

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Provide air or sea freight service and deliver on time

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1688 agency cooperation process

The cooperation process of 1688 agents usually involves the following steps:
1. Initial Contact: Contact us to express your interest.

2. Requirements discussion: You communicate your specific sourcing requirements, including the product you are looking for, quantity, quality standard, customization needs, and any other specifications.

3. Pay the deposit: Pay the deposit to start the project

4. Supplier selection: The agent looks for a suitable supplier on the 1688 platform according to your needs. They consider factors such as price, product quality, supplier reputation, and ability to meet your custom needs.

5. Quotes and Negotiations: The agent will obtain quotes from selected suppliers and negotiate prices and terms on your behalf to ensure the best deal possible. They will also coordinate any sample requests or prototype development if required.

6. Supplier Verification: The agent will conduct due diligence on the selected suppliers to verify their credibility and legitimacy. This may involve reviewing legal documents, conducting background checks and evaluating vendor reputations.

7. Place order: Once you are satisfied with supplier selection and negotiated terms, the agent will place the order on your behalf. They will handle all the necessary paperwork and make sure everything is in order.

8. Quality Control: The agent can arrange for a quality control inspection at the supplier’s factory to verify product quality before shipment. They will share the inspection report and provide feedback on whether the product meets your requirements.

9. Logistics and transportation: The agent will coordinate the logistics and transportation process, including arranging transportation, customs clearance and handling documents for exporting goods from China to your location. They will keep you updated on shipping status and provide tracking information.

10. Payment settlement: the agent will assist you in payment settlement with the supplier. They can process payments on your behalf or provide guidance on each supplier’s preferred payment method.

11.After-sales support: If any problems or concerns arise after the goods are delivered, the agent will provide after-sales support and help mediate any disputes between you and the supplier.


please put links ,quantity,color and size etc detail in Excel for interesting items . don't be hesitated to contact us if you have any doubt !


we will check with suppliers and inform you stock situation ,domestic freight charge ,delivery time in 24hours.


we can offer best international freight charge for your comparing if you need . Our DDP by sea ,train and air is very competitive .


Please pay the order amount after you confirm price,delivery time, freight charge and our commission.


most goods will arrive our warehouse in 3-7days after your payment .(some goods will reach our warehouse in 15-30days after your confirmation)


our team will inspect goods,check quality, quantity ,color and size etc after goods reach our warehouse. then we will send inspection photos for your checking and repack them.


we will send different goods in one shipment after your confirmation ...


payment term is negotiatable for big customers

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1688 agent FAQ

not yet. 1688.com is only applicable to the Chinese market, and the current language is Chinese. But you can use Google Chrome browser to translate it from Chinese to English or other languages.

No, because 1688.com only accepts RMB and does not accept overseas credit cards and bank accounts.

Difficult, they only speak Chinese.

certainly ! You can compare.

Please use Google Chrome browser. Click the right mouse button and select the language translation function.

our shipping partners

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