Why need 1688 agent?

Payment problem: 1688 only accepts payment in RMB. After the customer pays us US dollars, we will pay different suppliers in RMB to help customers solve payment problems.

Language issue: Most of the suppliers on 1688 only speak Chinese and need us to translate, communicate, and follow orders.

Warehousing issues: We provide free warehousing services, one stop service!

Inspection issues: We will inspect the quantity, quality, color, size, etc. of the goods and send inspection drawings to customers for confirmation to avoid suppliers from sending wrong goods and causing losses to customers in terms of payment and overseas freight.

Save shipping costs: We will package goods from different suppliers and ship them as the same shipment to save customers shipping costs.

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To learn more,1688 Ordering Guide.

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12000 cooperated suppliers , based in Yiwu city and 19 years export experience.so we know how to
source most economical goods in short time.

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