China 1688 sourcing agent

Get the best deals on Chinese products with 1688 Sourcing. It’s a one-stop solution for finding the best Chinese
suppliers and products you can’t get from any English B2B platform.

Our Advantage

12000 cooperated suppliers , based in Yiwu city and 19 years export experience
so we know how to source most economical goods in short time.

Service 1

our Slogan is Honest To The Customer . More than 80% customers worked with us for more than 15 years ! And many customers are our friends already

Service 2

more than 19 years agent experience . half purchasing staff worked in our company for more than 10years

Service 3

free loan for more than 2monthes to help customers reduce capital pressure.

Service 4

strong for 1688, Yiwu Market, Guangzhou offline and online garment/toy market ,artificial flower industry zone.

Service 5

free warehouse with more than 1200m2 and under modern management.

Service 6

Spanish Sales Help your conversation easily and smoothly.

Service 7

We always put service in 1st place . So we have rule to reply customers' message in 0.5hour during working time .

Service 8

We check each article carefully like color ,size ,quantity,quality and other description according to the order . After then we will send you inspection photos and report if there are problems.

Service 9

We will arrange the hotel and pick you up from the airport when you come to China . After then ,we will go with you to the market or factories ,translate ,purchase , follow the order ,inspect goods ,export and make the document

why need 1688 agent service?

Payment Problem

1688 accept RMB only.We will pay RMB to different suppliers after your USD payment to us.

Language Problem

most suppliers on 1688 just can speak Chinese only. We have Spanish Sales and can check product details and negotiate the price more easier.

Warehouse Problem

we have free warehouse for you …Different suppliers can send goods to us in different time.

Inspection Service

We will inspect goods,check quality, quantity ,color and size etc after goods reached our warehouse.

Save Shipping Cost

We will repack goods and send different goods in one shipment to save the shipping cost .Meanwhile it will decrease damage and loss of goods.

Free Loan

For big customers ,we have about 2monthes free loan .It can help customers reduce capital pressure. And you can develop your business more faster.

Sourcing Experience

We have more than 19 years agent experience and we know better sourcing rule on 1688 .So we can find goods more economically and quickly.

Cheap Freight Charge

We have cheap freight charge especially DDP like sea, train and air because we have huge quantity packages every day.

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free loan

We have a simple online application

Which will give you the adjuct information, how to get agent experience!

Request Quotes

You send us a product link or photo and details you care about.

Request Quotes

We will send you product quotes within 24 hours.

Confirm Order

Pay only if you are pleased with the sample.

Ship Order

We will help you store products in our warehouse, inspect quality

Freight Forwarder 1688

What our clients say about us.

Good quality and communication, nice designs, fast shipping – all good.

Jemma Stone

Acme Inc.

perfect service, nice contact, everything perfect.nice agent ,always answer in time.Happy with the product.
Jemma Stone

Aeser Corp.


good quality and communication, nice designs, fast shipping – all good.Twins Win help negotiate the price a lot .Thanks  

Jemma Stone

Aeser Corp.


happy with Twins Win.  I ordered more than 50items from 1688 , Just send the order to Twins Win and pay it . They will do all jobs .


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